Our Organic CBD Products

Our organically-grown hemp is cultivated in the heartland of Pennsylvania, surrounded by rolling hills and fresh Appalachian streams.

Athlete & Survivor

While I unable to compete with my sister in-law, a top 10 internationally ranked Ultra, I do exercise and hold my own against a couple of Army Special Operations 20-year olds (40-years my younger). My exercises are rigorous enough for me to use a competing National brand's CBD, as well as different brand's Euclayptis/CBD rub to assist in muscle recovery. However, a physician mis-pracitce created a critical condition which almost cost me the use of my dominant arm. My arm was saved after 4-arm surgeries. Over the last 4-weeks i used Sugarloaf Organics Revive cream, and tinctures of Berry, and Mint. I found that without a doubt the Berry and Mint tincutres are far superior than the National brand CBD tincure for 'extreme' athletes. Additionally, the Revive cream not only had the same immediate affect as the Eucalyptis/CBD massage oil, but also created a longer lasting relaxation of the muscles and fibrosis tissue created from the 4-arm surgeries to save my arm. I also appreciate the cooling affect and pleasant smell of the Revive cream. I have returned to my extreme exercise regimen and am using the Tinctures immediately after my exercises to facilitate muscle recovery. The revive cream is used both morning and evening to facilitate the muscle recovery and fibrosis prevention. The Sugarloaf tinctures actually tase 'good'! The National brand tincutre for extreme athletes has a more oily yucky taste. Sugarloaf as a pleasant fruity flavor ... and ... has a higher CBD concentrate. So, I getter better results with using less, as well as I don't grimace when taking the Sugarloaf tincture. Thank you very much for superior products.


Former Athlete

I have never used hemp cream before but after using this cream my injured/recovering shoulder felt great. There was far less pain and the next day I felt amazing! The cream has a cooling sensation upon application and that was an added benefit! Love this stuff!

Kylie Michael, Former D-I Athlete

Runner & Cyclist

I’m a distance trail runner and cyclist, and I can get really sore after long workouts. I’ve tried a bunch of different CBD creams, but Sugarloaf Organics CBD cream works the best at relieving my pain. I really like the tingly feeling I get when I first rub it in! You know it’s working! This is good stuff.

Frank F.

A Physician's Opinion...

After personally witnessing Sugarloaf Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture- and Cream go from seed to processing to clinical use; all produced in Pennsylvania at the highest standards, and can confirm enormous positive feedback. These phytocannabinoids interact with our own endocannabinoid system to help regulate the most important physiologic systems in our bodies, including our immune, inflammation, pain, and sleep systems. For those interested in CBD for their musculoskeletal wellbeing, but concerned about the origin and quality, this Premier Pennsylvania CBD is my personal and professional choice.

Dr. Thomas Meade

Hazleton, PA

Impressed at the Quality

I was really impressed with the quality of Sugarloaf! I've bought CBD in various stores (and the potency varies greatly). Sugarloaf took the edge off my knee pain every time...

Alex J

York, PA

Our Seed to Table Steps

We use the highest-quality processing methods right at the farm to create our full spectrum CBD products.

Unlike many of our indoor competitors, our hemp plants are grown outside at the feet of the Appalachian Mountains.

We built a lab right at the farm in order to quickly process fresh plants using the absolute best method of cbd extraction, cryogenic ethanol processing.

Once is never enough...We triple distill our cbd oil to ensure the product you receive is filtered, luxuriously smooth, and pure.

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